We use the terms “We” “Us” and “Our” for Outweargalaxy.com. While “You”, “Your” User, “Customer,” and “Buyer” refers to the visitor.

This privacy policy is about the data and information that we collect from our customers. We respect our customer’s privacy and protect the data that he shares with us. Protecting your data is our first priority and concern.

We have the right to update and make changes in our policy which may be related to material, service, customer, direct marketing or business partnerships. You are supposed to read this policy thoroughly from top to bottom.


Personal Info – Outweargalaxy.com collects all the necessary data when you agree to share it with us. The information is taken for the purpose of making a transaction, participating in a contest or opting-in for our newsletter. The information includes your name, physical address, contact number, email address, country, state, city, username as well as password. For many transactions, you are to send us other information too upon request.

Stripe and PayPal Service – We never save or store your financial information. You will be redirected to our online payment service providers.

Contest Participation or Getting Promotional Offers – Do you want to take part in our promotions or giveaways? If yes, then you need to submit your info including Name, Physical Address, and Email according to the official rules. We have the right to disclose it to our staff members, co-sponsored, or promotion managers.

Linking Your Social profiles – You are allowed to link your social media profiles with our website but it requires your registration.
Note – You are to submit other information upon request.


Corporate Staff – Our staff members receive, handle, process and respond to your queries accordingly. They are fully authorized to control the database as well as manage all the accounts to improve the online shopping experience.

Partnered Websites – We are working on a partnership basis with many e-commerce and marketing blogging domains who are there to help us develop our website. Our website is also featured on their websites as well as social media channels which may also include all of your posted reviews along with names and pictures of our satisfied customers.

Courier Service Providers – We use the most valuable and trusted delivery agents including FedEx, USPS, DHL, and UPS also). They use the collected personal data of customers to deliver orders to the desired locations.

Legal Purpose – We do not sell or disclose your information. But, we may disclose your info in case of a request from Government officials or DHL, for legal purposes.

Targeted Advertising – You will see third-party ads on our website with the concerns to serve you following your interest. They may use certain tools to gather your information, and we do not have control over these advertisements.


We use your personal info only that you decided to provide us according to the terms and conditions for the following purposes:

To Process Checkouts – Your information is used to process your orders which you provided along with the Accounts and Billing Details.

Advertising and Marketing – We use this info to send you:

  • Promotion and Deals Offers
  • Newsletters,
  • Partnership Request
  • Related or New Products
  • Follow-ups
  • Third-Party Offers
  • Surveys
  • Giveaways

Customer Service – To give our customers a better experience, their information is used to offer help through:

  • Communication through Social Network or Chat
  • Product Information
  • Order Status Update
  • Improving Service

Keeping customer’s details and info secured is our first responsibility. All the info that you provide is secured in our administrative record

Secured Socket Layer – Your data is highly encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Protection.
Password: We always recommend you to make an easy and strong password

Secured Socket Layer – Your data is highly encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Protection. Password: We always recommend you to make an easy and strong password

Child Age of 13 or Below – Children under 13 years are not allowed to use our service. Further, we will not store any data if the user is 13 years old or below 13. We will rapidly delete it as well.


Access to Your Info

You may easily correct, edit or verify your submitted info anytime directly from the website or you can also contact us.


You are always welcome to give us your honest reviews about your experience with us. You are also provided a choice to select the rating stars for us and submit the desired name. You may also leave it blank. We do not entertain any reviews that violate our policy or abusive.

Contact Form

You may ask any queries related to products, orders, profile management, shipment, sizing, deals, and promotions.

EU Citizens

Feel free to contact us at (website’s email address) anytime if you want to get a personal data copy. You are also allowed to review information which we got retained, who we disclosed with and how we use it.



For better understanding our visitor, our third-party tracking tools automatically detect your Internet Protocol, Proxy, Internet Service, Date/Time, Behavior, Page Views, etc. This helps us collect and understand the non-personal information of the user. We use technologies to collect information for statistical analyses that include demographic, browser, gender, age, device category, etc.


You are allowed to browse our pages without disclosing your identity. However, we have the right to use scripts that analyze to track the movements of the users when navigating.


When you browse outweargalaxy.com, temporary “cookies” would be stored in your hard drive for identifying you as well as your device. The main objective behind it is to improve the experience so that we can make the mechanism of the browser more accessible for the user.


Maintaining Personal Data – You reserve the right to close or deactivate your account anytime. However, we will keep your personal retained information to maintain legal requirements, security, prevent abuse and fraud, resolve arguments and disputes, enforce all legal Terms and Conditions, etc.

Account Closure – We will permanently delete your personal information when it is no longer needed.

The material shown is photographed and produced exclusively in our settings. We DO NOT ALLOW any buyer or seller to use or copy our content and official product images for any third party website without our official permission.

Further, non-compliance may cause serious action against a particular domain or person. If any of our original shoots are found copied, it will result in the following:

  • Directly inform Google to delete the domain page from listing.
  • Take an inspection against the website or person.
  • Copyright letters would be sent to legal support for further actions

All of the visitors of outweargalaxy.com are committed to strictly follow this updated policy by outweargalaxy.com


The duty charges applicable in any country will be paid by the customer and it will not be the responsibility of the seller.


Feel free to contact us about our updated policy at sales@outweargalaxy.com

EU Citizens – You may also contact us at sales@outweargalaxy.com